Antiseptic Mouthwash Kills Beneficial Bacteria and Increased the Risk of CVD
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Antiseptic Mouthwash Kills Beneficial Bacteria and Increased the Risk of CVD

At the American Naturopathic Medical Association 36th Annual Convention and Educational Seminar, Nathan Bryan, delivered a lecture on the critical importance of nitric oxide for the health of vital organs and system of physiological functions. Nitric oxide is naturally produced in our body and plays a vital role in various functions such as inflammation, and regulation of blood pressure which is a prime factor in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

He added that, lack of nitric oxide can be considered as the early event in the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease. While explaining the various sources of natural production of nitric oxide, he brought out the importance of oral commensal bacteria and continual supply of nitric oxide by them. In order to maintain oral hygiene, there is a usual practice of applying antiseptic mouthwash / antibiotics which can kill these commensal bacteria resulting in eradication of one of the prime sources of nitric oxide production. This in turn keeps patient at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

A study demonstrated that, though antiseptic mouthwashes eliminate bad breath / odour they will end up in killing good bacteria resulting increased blood pressure. The observed rise in blood pressure is around 26 mm Hg, which is an indication of essential hypertension in healthy individuals.

While concluding the lecture, Nathan Bryan added that one must choose evidence based therapeutic and nutritional strategy to restore nitric oxide production which is helpful to overcome the body’s own inefficiencies.