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How to improve wordiness in medical manuscript writing

How to Improve Wordiness in Medical Manuscript Writing?

Do you find yourself writing too long sentences in your manuscript? Did you ever re-read your sentence and struggled to understand its meaning? If yes, you may be suffering from something called prolixity, or in simple terms, wordiness. Wordiness is one of the common mistakes a writer makes. Prolixity happens when a writer, either intentionally or unintentionally, uses too many words or unnecessarily complex or abstract words in his document when the job can be done in a few words.
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write the “Methods” section of your medical paper

Medical Paper Writing: How to Write the Methods Section of your Research Paper?

The “Methods” section of a research paper contains the essential details for other scientists to replicate the study and helps the common readers understand the study better. It is like a road-map that guides the readers through the actual journey the authors took to reach the results of the study. Therefore, the “Methods” section of your research paper should be descriptive. Though it sounds easy, many authors miss the details while writing it. So, here are some tips to write the
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Why the medical research paper structure is important

Medical Paper Writing: Why the Paper Structure is Important?

The purpose of writing a medical research paper is not only to tell the world about your research. It is to go beyond the mere presentation of facts and thoughts. You must reach out to the readers in a way that communicates your research effectively and helps them understand the issues at hand. There’s no point in writing a research paper if the readers can’t take away the most important message or the message you want to convey through your medical paper. Why have good manuscript structure
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Importance of Keywords in Medical Manuscript Writing

Medical Manuscript Writing: The Significance of Keywords in it

What’s the purpose of medical manuscript writing? Or why do journals publish a research paper? To make the research known to their readers i.e. the researchers! However, most researchers read only a few journals regularly. And these are the journals that publish topics a researcher is interested in. For example, one who works on rheumatology will read the Journal of Rheumatology and no other journal. Besides these specific journals, researchers also read one or two multidisciplinary journal
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Avoid these 8 types of Plagiarism while editing medical manuscript

Medical Manuscript Editing: Avoid these 8 Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism, also known as literary theft, is the practice of using other’s work or ideas in your medical manuscript without giving them due credit and passing them off as your own in publication journals to gain recognition. Though it’s not a new phenomenon in research, but with technology, it has become easier than ever to uncover the instances of plagiarism. While analyzing a document, it’s important to determine whether plagiarism was intentional or unintentional. The degree and freque
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Medical manuscript writing - Know your grammar rules

Medical Manuscript Writing – Know your Grammar Rules

Do you fear writing your first medical manuscript? Is the language of English the biggest hurdle in writing your manuscript? If yes, we can understand your fears. English is often considered as the most difficult and tricky language to learn. Probably due to its tricky grammar rules or exceptions to these rules. For example, the past tense of "sit" is "sat", but the past tense of "hit" is "hit". Similarly, "overlook" and "oversee" are words with a different meaning, but "look" and "see" are s
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Medical Manuscript Writing - How to write search engine friendly article

Medical Manuscript Writing – How to Write Search Engine Friendly Article?

Many journals now publish their articles online to increase their reach amongst the masses. A major part of their traffic comes from Google and other search engines. In such a scenario, you don't have to write a medical manuscript favourable to the journal, but also to the search engines. The journals that publish the articles ensure their research content is visible and ranks high in the search results of Google and other engines. However, you can play your role by optimizing your med
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How to Write References in the Medical Manuscript Quickly and Easily?

How to Write References in the Medical Manuscript Quickly and Easily?

Every scientific paper is built upon previous research. Authors refer to the previous studies to find their topic of research and also to write their own medical manuscript. You must give credit to this previous research through citations and references. Depending upon your field of research, there could be more than 100 different papers, conference reports, and articles which you refer as resources. And before submitting your medical manuscript, you have to cross-check all references; cite t
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write a good abstract for your medical manuscript

What Makes a Good Abstract for your Medical Manuscript?

When people search for their articles of interest in a journal, they click through to see their abstract. Now, an abstract may either grab or lose the reader’s attention. A good abstract maintains the reader’s interest while a bad one puts them off irrespective of the relevance of the research work. So, what differentiates a good abstract from a bad one? Here are some notable differences that will help you to write a good abstract for your medical manuscript and gain attention from the read
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Formalizing your Medical Manuscript Writing

Formalizing your Medical Manuscript Writing : 5 Effective Tips

Writing a medical manuscript is a form of academic writing which is carried out with a sole objective to inform the audience rather than entertain. Consequently, manuscript writing must be precise, formal, impersonal, and objective. The language and the words used must be precise and accurate. There is no space for informal language, inaccurate words or colloquialisms in writing your manuscript. Though it must engage the readers, it must follow the strict principles of academic writing. Wh
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