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All Posts in Category: Formulation Research

What does a Formulation Scientist do

What does a Formulation Scientist do?

Ever wondered what makes up that tablet you gobble down during a headache? It's not only the active drug but colourants, flavours, binders, and many other ingredients that make up the final product. Some increase the therapeutic properties of the drug, while others aid in the manufacturing process. But, how to determine which products to combine and in what ratio? That's where a formulation scientist comes in. The typical role of a formulation scientist comprise of: Design multivariate
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Drug Formulation Forms

What are the Different Forms of Drug Formulation?

Pharmaceutical formulation is the process of combining various chemical substances with the active drug to form a final medicinal product, which is called a drug mixture or drug formulation. A drug formulation can be given to the patient in various forms like solid, semisolid or liquid.  The type of the formulation given depends upon the patient's age, sex, and health condition and is specific for particular routes of administration. Here we give a brief overview of the different forms of
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What are the Parameters of Research in Preformulation Studies

What are the Parameters of Research in Preformulation Studies?

Preformulation study; the term is frequently heard in a pharmaceutical industry. But, what is it exactly? A Preformulation study is an investigation of the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of a drug substance to develop a safe, effective, and stable dosage form. Thus, it forms an integral part of the drug development process. Just like any research study is carried out to accomplish a particular goal, the main objective of Preformulation studies is to accomplish the following:
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