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Are the Journals Frequently Rejecting Your Research Papers?

Hurried paper preparations may collapse your paper structure. Planned writing of your research work might question your time. Also, you can’t submit the same paper to multiple journals. To get your medical research published in Scopus/PubMed/ DOAJ indexed  journal take a help from our publication support services experts.

Alas! These restrictions obviously put you in threat. Furthermore,

  • Is Scopus/PubMed/ DOAJ your target medical index to publish your research work?
  • Feeling dejected due to consecutive failures in impact factor journal publications?
  • Are your colleagues getting more funds out of International paper publications?
  • Is medical paper publication an obstacle that stops your promotion according to NMC/MCI criteria?
  • Whether journal submission a tedious process that gobbles your time?
publication support services

Research experts at CogniBrain have diverse experience across various medical, allied health/ life sciences to offer you perfect publication support services. Besides, we have a mammoth network of researchers across various countries of the world and have good acquaintance with the pulse of every journal in Pubmed, Thomson ISI, Science Direct, Scopus and DOAJ. Thus, we could get your research published in any Journal that best suits your work through our publication support services.

Publication Support Services – Know Our Process

CogniBrain’s unique and full-scale International research paper publication services aid you perk-up your publication counts – so as to enable your rapid promotion, complete funding or confident thesis/ dissertation submission.

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