How to publish my medical/ scientific researchwork in a reputed indexed journal?I’ve hit a snag when I discovered I’m unskillful for the write-up. Do you help me?


We have a wealth of research writing experts in various medical, pharmaceutical and allied life science domains to craft the manuscripts from your research reports. We double-check that the final writing meets the national/ international journal standards which expound the robustness of our international journal publication support.

How many days it would take, if I book your end-to-end scientific writing and publication support service?

Although our approximate turn-around time is 30 days, the exact duration for our all-inclusive scientific writing and publication support servicedepends on the field of research (eg: ultra-specificity like tele-neuro-oncology*), co-ordination of the client (eg: missing biochemical results*), data deficiency (ignored biostatistical analysis*), etc.

*Factors that hinder project completion.

What is the price of your Ph.D Thesis writing service?

We could guarantee you that our prices are much affordable and competitive enough for the PG Dissertation/ Ph.D Thesis writing services. As the cost is inclined over diverse factors including total number of words/pages, urgency of the service, nature of the research domain, necessity for special software (ACS ChemWorx,LaTeX, AutoDock,EndNote, etc.) and so forth, fixing a universal price tag is impracticable.

What kind of journals you hope you could publish my medical research paper?

The “strong suit” of our publication support service is that we employ a blend of doctoral level medical-research specialistsand language experts in writing, re-writing, editingand publishingmedical research works. Thus, if your research work is apposite enough, we could help you publish clinical/ medical research works of yours in any journal.

If I pay more money, would you get my paper published in Nature, Science or New England Journal of Medicine?


Demanding more money for an ‘unfit’ work to get published in Nature, Science or New England Journal of Medicineor even in any other top journal is an absolute dishonest activity and thus, we never entertain it. At the same time, if your research is embellished with a ground-breaking concept that meets the echelon of top journals counting Nature, Science or New England Journal of Medicine, our expert panel with top-notch research writing skills would be a sure driving factor for the successful publication of your research work in the aforesaid journals.

What is your experience in publishing research papers in Pubmed?

We are a five years old manuscript writing, manuscript editing and paper publication supportcompany, armed with surfeit experts with decades of experience in publishing the scientific research articles in various indices including Science Citation Index (SCI), Pubmed/MEDLINE, Scopus (Elsevier), EMBASE (Elsevier), etc.

I’m a fan of Elsevier Publishers and I need a rapid publication journalfor my research draft tosupport and accelerate my promotion process. Would you help me?


Our extensive proficiency in research paper publication support alleviates your publication hassles across various reputed journal publishers including Elsevier, SpringerLink, Nature, Wiley, Biomed Central, Cambridge, Karger, Wolters Kluwer (LWW), Dove Press, Sage, Bentham Science, ingentaconnect, IOS Press, JAMA, PLOS, etc.

I’m done with my medical dissertation writing. I just need a good American English writer, who could technically understand and ‘edit’ my medical dissertation.?

We have equivalent Native American English writers to hone your research write-up. Our scientific editing service is specially designed to meet the needs of the researchers, who require our MD/ MS dissertation editing service (medical editing service), rather than a comprehensive manuscript or thesis/dissertation writing service.

I’m struggling firmly to design an innovative research proposal to acquire grants from funding bodies. Can I get your help?


We have the requisite expertise in writing a choice of national and international research grant proposals to aid our clients obtain Research Funding, Travel Bursaries, International Collaborative Research Grants from various research promoting bodies including UGC, DST, ICMR, DBT, AICTE (MODROBS), DAAD, etc.

How about the confidentiality of my research data submitted to you?

We are the best scientific research writing company in India with various experts across India and overseas, specifically dealing with medical, pharmaceutical and allied life science research. We are in this field for the past five years with progressively increasing client base and absolutely zilch negative remarks. We have made this chiefly through our genuine and loyal service to our clients.

I’m working in a private pharmacy- and life-science- major institution which doesn’t have adequate facility to execute my Ph.D research works. Can I get your lab support?


With a better understanding on the mounting demand for advanced and sophisticatedresearch labs, we are proffering the advanced and low cost research outsourcing services without a quality compromise. We present an unrivaled support for the pharmaceutical and allied life/health science researchers through both customized and full scale modes.

I wonder how it is possible for you to offer high-technology scientific research support at relatively low cost.?

We work on the simple and effectual model, “Sparing Money by Sharing Materials” which means whenever possible we would divide the material (drugs, plants, solvents, additives, antibodies, primers, markers, etc.) costs among the pertinent research works – rather than burdening the clients with unbroken, jam-packedcharges.

Making use of commercially available kits is appalling, as it is costing more to me while following the officially reported protocol is not yielding a satisfactory report. Suggest me a suitable remedy.?

We have as much as necessary research expertise for trouble-shooting even in the advanced levels of in vitro, in vivo, ex vivo and in silico researches. Thus, leave your research worries to us… We offer anadvanced research support in the pharmaceutical and life-science spheres that meetsyour university and even global standards.

Do you provide free research samples like free antibody sample, free drug sample or free herbal drug sample? Is it possible


Based on the business value we derive from our clients, we may provide appropriate offersto our clients from time-to-time including the research-alliedfreebies*. This is one of our pictogram to prove ourselves as the best scientific lab support company in India, beyond a shadow of doubt.

Whether the research reports include free interpretation and free biostatistical analysis?

Partially yes.

For the research projects undertaken by us, interpretation of the data from studies including spectral analyses (NMR, FT-IR, Mass, UV), transmission/scanning electron microscopic (SEM/TEM), immunofluorescence, Western blotting, PCR, COMET assay, HPLC, HPTLC, histopathology, immunohistochemistry, etc.could bedoneat no extra cost.But, the Biostatistical Analysis Service is a separate, paid offering and could not be considered as a freebie with our lab work support.