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Why do we need Pharmacovigilance of Herbal Medicines?

Why do we Need Pharmacovigilance of Herbal Medicines?

Herbal medicines are known to be effective in the treatment of various chronic diseases. Ayurveda is the branch of Medicine based on the herbal treatment and originated in India. Plants, their parts, metabolites and preparations have demonstrated enormous therapeutic properties. However, with the rise of modern medicine, the importance of herbal medicines has been overlooked. Yet, the general population never lost faith in the efficacy of the herbal medicines. They rely on them for a wide ra
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Narrative Writing in Clinical Research: Guidelines for a Medical Writer

Narrative writing or writing patient safety narratives is an integral part of any clinical study report writing. Before dwelling into its guidelines, let us first understand what it is and what importance it carries in clinical research. In simple terms, a narrative is a brief summary of the adverse events experienced by the patients during a clinical trial of a drug. It is submitted along with the clinical study report to establish any causal relationship between the events experienced by the
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