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All Posts Tagged: Inflammation

Seaweed Extract helps to treat arthritis

Novel Molecule from Algae Extract Shows a Promising Effect in Arthritis

It is known that people who are aged over 65 are suffering from joint pains and stiffness due to inflammation at bone joints called arthritis. This inflammation, resultant of oxidative stress (frequent cause of damage and cell death), can spread to all other joints in the body and degenerates the protective cartilage layer, a connective tissue at joints which protects bones from eruption due to friction. Affected joints, particularly knee, hip, and finger joints can be extremely painful and gets
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High Fat Diet Diminish the Neural Activity

Localized Inflammation in the Brain Linked To Overeating and Weight Gain

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco and University of Washington Medical Center have shown that consumption of a fat-rich diet increases the number of brain immune cells called microglia which triggers a local inflammation within the mediobasal hypothalamus (MBH) and causes an individual to eat more food, burn fewer calories, and gain more weight. A series of experiments were conducted on two groups of mice. One group was fed a fat-rich diet for four weeks and the oth
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