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Medical Proofreading Tips

Medical Proofreading: What Does it Mean to Proofread your Own Paper?

A scientist is confident in his research paper while submitting it to the journal. He knows he has worked hard, conducted an excellent study which would bring about a turnover in his field. He expects the peer-reviewers to understand the importance of his work and accept it for publication. But, unfortunately, his paper gets rejected. And the reason is poorly written research paper. Sounds like you? Probably, every scientist has gone through this. And that’s when he realizes the impor
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Medical Proofreading Tips

Successful Medical Proofreading: 5 Tips for the Beginners

Every researcher wants his manuscript to be ready for publication in his target journal. And to develop such a manuscript, he looks towards competent medical proofreading services. But what makes a medical proofreading service competent? Of course, it’s their medical proofreaders! If they are competent and experienced, they will offer a good service to their clients and get them back for more work. So, here are the five tips for the beginners on how to set themselves up for the succe
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Proofreading your own paper: How to impress the reviewers?

Proofreading Your Own Paper: How to Impress the Reviewers?

After completing your research paper, you sit down to proofread and edit all the mistakes made while writing. But, you are confused. "What should I look for while proofreading my medical paper?" "What if any mistakes get ignored?" "What impression will it create on the journal reviewers?" If these are the worries that trouble you, here's a checklist of the questions you should ask yourself while proofreading your own paper: Is the title accurate and concise to reflect what your paper
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How to get the best out of your medical proofreading and editing service?

How to Get the Best Out of Your Medical Proofreading and Editing Service?

It's necessary to review your work before submitting to the journal. Now, you can either request your department head or a colleague to review your manuscript or take help of the professional medical editing and proofreading services. For many researchers, such professional medical proofreading services are economical because it enhances the quality of the research document. But, before you submit your document to the professional editing and proofreading services, look at these suggestions o
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Dos and Don’ts when submitting your research paper

Dos and Don’ts when Submitting your Research Paper

Do you think journal publication is an easy process? You write a research paper, submit it to the journal office and Voila! The editors will publish your paper. If you think so, you are mistaken. Submitting your paper for publication in your desired journal can be tedious as many things need to be taken care of. Therefore, we are here to make your journal publication easy and successful through our publication support services experts. By keeping in mind a checklist of do’s and don’
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how to proofread your manuscript

How to Proofread your Medical Manuscript in 8 Simple Steps?

Yeah! You have completed writing your research manuscript. And now you want to hire a professional medical editor to remove all jargon, correct the mistakes, and make your manuscript ready for publication. Writing a manuscript is tiring and cumbersome. You don’t wish to spend more energy and time on proofreading and editing your document, but it’s essential. So, you look at a medical editing services to help you do so. But, wait! Do not get tempted to submit the first draft of your man
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