Benefits of Publishing in Open Access Journals
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5 Benefits of Publishing in Open Access Journals

The most important question that confronts the mind of a researcher is to publish his research in an open access or subscription based journals. Publishing in open access journal through our reliable and professional publication support services team is beneficial for researchers. Here we give you a rundown on the positive aspects of publishing in an open access journal.

7 Steps to Write Your Research Paper Faster
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Spending Time Just Scribbling Your Manuscript?

Documenting the results of your research in the form of a manuscript is harder than conducting a research itself. Many scientists are clueless on where and how to begin writing a medical manuscript.

But, not when you have these 7 steps in mind!

7 Steps to Write Your Research Paper Faster

 1.Outline the format of the paper

  • Introduction to research topic
  • Hypothesis of research
  • Materials and methods used
  • Key findings
  • Discussion on the results of research

2.Introduce your research topic

  • Provide relevant background information on the topic
  • State the implications of your work with in-text citations

3.Define your hypothesis

  • Write in present tense
  • Give brief overview of your experimental design

4.Materials and methods used in research

  • Write in past tense
  • Organize it in sub-sections with headings

5.Key results of research

  • Organize it in sub-sections with headings
  • Use tables, figures, and graphs to support the data

6.Discussion of results

  • Describe the main findings of your research
  • Address the hypothesis showing evidence from your results
  • Report how the results relate to the previous studies in the field
  • Conclude by summarizing the outcome of the study

7.What to avoid?

  • Long, complex, and vague sentences
  • Unnecessary detail
  • Unnecessary use of technical terms