7 Steps to Write Your Research Paper Faster

Documenting the results of your research in the form of a manuscript is harder than conducting a research itself. Many scientists are clueless on where and how to begin writing a medical manuscript.

But, not when you have these 7 steps in mind!

7 Steps to Write Your Research Paper Faster

 1.Outline the format of the paper

  • Introduction to research topic
  • Hypothesis of research
  • Materials and methods used
  • Key findings
  • Discussion on the results of research

2.Introduce your research topic

  • Provide relevant background information on the topic
  • State the implications of your work with in-text citations

3.Define your hypothesis

  • Write in present tense
  • Give brief overview of your experimental design

4.Materials and methods used in research

  • Write in past tense
  • Organize it in sub-sections with headings

5.Key results of research

  • Organize it in sub-sections with headings
  • Use tables, figures, and graphs to support the data

6.Discussion of results

  • Describe the main findings of your research
  • Address the hypothesis showing evidence from your results
  • Report how the results relate to the previous studies in the field
  • Conclude by summarizing the outcome of the study

7.What to avoid?

  • Long, complex, and vague sentences
  • Unnecessary detail
  • Unnecessary use of technical terms

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