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How to submit your revised manuscript to the medical journal

Medical Journal Articles: How to Submit your Revised Manuscript to the Journal?

It’s very rare that you submit your manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal and don’t receive a request to revise it. Most journals ask to revise your submission at least three or four times before it's finally accepted. If that sounds cumbersome to you, this article is not for you. Because receiving a request from the journal editors to revise your manuscript is far better than absolute rejection. It means that your idea, your research and your manuscript struck a chord in the reviewers
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Importance of Keywords in Medical Manuscript Writing

Medical Manuscript Writing: The Significance of Keywords in it

What’s the purpose of medical manuscript writing? Or why do journals publish a research paper? To make the research known to their readers i.e. the researchers! However, most researchers read only a few journals regularly. And these are the journals that publish topics a researcher is interested in. For example, one who works on rheumatology will read the Journal of Rheumatology and no other journal. Besides these specific journals, researchers also read one or two multidisciplinary jou
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5 Common Errors that Lead to the Rejection of a Manuscript

5 Common Errors that Lead to the Rejection of a Manuscript

You have written your research manuscript with diligence, and now, you are ready to submit it for publication. You are worried if it gets rejected. This is common with novice research scientists. However, if you know what makes the journal editors reject your manuscript, you can take care of such errors before submission. So, here’s a glimpse of the common errors that can lead to the rejection of your manuscript: 1) Selection of a wrong journal The foremost reason your manuscript gets re
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Dos and Don’ts when submitting your research paper

Dos and Don’ts when Submitting your Research Paper

Do you think journal publication is an easy process? You write a research paper, submit it to the journal office and Voila! The editors will publish your paper. If you think so, you are mistaken. Submitting your paper for publication in your desired journal can be tedious as many things need to be taken care of. Therefore, we are here to make your journal publication easy and successful through our publication support services experts. By keeping in mind a checklist of do’s and don’
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What do Peer Reviewers look for in your Manuscript

What do Peer Reviewers look for in your Manuscript?

A peer reviewer is an expert in Science who scrutinises your research manuscript. Though the peer review process takes up most of your time in journal publication, it’s worth it. It’s only the peer reviewer who ensures the manuscript is easy to comprehend, valid and reliable, has no gap areas, and is significant in research. A peer reviewer is your trustworthy and reliable companion for publication in a medical journal. But what he searches for in your medical journal article? Every peer
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steps to overcome the challenges in publishing your manuscript

7 Tips to Overcome the Challenges in Publishing your Manuscript

To publish your manuscript in the journal of your choice is harder than writing it. The common challenges faced in publishing your manuscript are: Write a manuscript with a clear take-away message for its audience Format the manuscript to remove all inconsistencies and errors Choose the right journal with a wide scope for publication of your research Align the well-written manuscript to the scope of the target journal High competition amongst researchers to publish their manuscr
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Formalizing your Medical Manuscript Writing

Formalizing your Medical Manuscript Writing : 5 Effective Tips

Writing a medical manuscript is a form of academic writing which is carried out with a sole objective to inform the audience rather than entertain. Consequently, manuscript writing must be precise, formal, impersonal, and objective. The language and the words used must be precise and accurate. There is no space for informal language, inaccurate words or colloquialisms in writing your manuscript. Though it must engage the readers, it must follow the strict principles of academic writing. Wh
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Medical Manuscript Writing Why you need one?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][vc_column_text] Effective medical manuscript writing requires Proficiency in scientific and English language Expertise in writing scientific documents Powerful proofreading and editing skills Ability to engage the reader with your scientific content [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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Spending time just scribbling your manuscript

Spending Time Just Scribbling Your Manuscript?

Documenting the results of your research in the form of a manuscript is harder than conducting a research itself. Many scientists are clueless on where and how to begin writing a medical manuscript. But, not when you have these 7 steps in mind! 7 Steps to Write Your Research Paper Faster  1.Outline the format of the paper Introduction to research topic Hypothesis of research Materials and methods used Key findings Discussion on the results of research 2.Introduce your researc
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