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How to Write an Effective and Quality Medical Research Paper

How to Write an Effective and Quality Medical Research Paper

Writing a medical research paper is an art. It is an area of continuous improvement and the journey to perfection is accomplished through practice. Practice not only involves writing authentic scientific information, but rather many other aspects are also included. These aspects are formatting, the structure of the paper, font size, alignment, paragraphing, and spacing between the lines, active and passive voice and correct grammar. It is to be noted that almost 80% of the papers are rejected du
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write the “Methods” section of your medical paper

Medical Paper Writing: How to Write the Methods Section of your Research Paper?

The “Methods” section of a research paper contains the essential details for other scientists to replicate the study and helps the common readers understand the study better. It is like a road-map that guides the readers through the actual journey the authors took to reach the results of the study. Therefore, the “Methods” section of your research paper should be descriptive. Though it sounds easy, many authors miss the details while writing it. So, here are some tips to write the
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Why the medical research paper structure is important

Medical Paper Writing: Why the Paper Structure is Important?

The purpose of writing a medical research paper is not only to tell the world about your research. It is to go beyond the mere presentation of facts and thoughts. You must reach out to the readers in a way that communicates your research effectively and helps them understand the issues at hand. There’s no point in writing a research paper if the readers can’t take away the most important message or the message you want to convey through your medical paper. Why have good manuscript struct
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write a good abstract for your medical manuscript

What Makes a Good Abstract for your Medical Manuscript?

When people search for their articles of interest in a journal, they click through to see their abstract. Now, an abstract may either grab or lose the reader’s attention. A good abstract maintains the reader’s interest while a bad one puts them off irrespective of the relevance of the research work. So, what differentiates a good abstract from a bad one? Here are some notable differences that will help you to write a good abstract for your medical manuscript and gain attention from the read
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How to Convert a Medical Thesis into an Article

How to Convert a Medical Thesis into an Article?

For young researchers, it is imperative to publish numerous research articles in reputed journals. It adds credibility to their name and proves beneficial for their career ahead. However, many researchers find it difficult to write articles for publication; they struggle to even come up with an interesting research question. An easy way to publish soon after your PhD is to to write the journal article from your medical thesis. You had invested months in performing research, collecting and anal
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Medical Paper Writing: The Sentence Not to Start Your Paper With

The opening sentence of your research paper is vital. It’s the first sentence your reader will see and form an impression about the paper. Thus, it must draw the reader’s attention and tell him how important and interesting your research is. Think about the other articles you’ve read and referred to while writing your own. You tend to remember the ones which had an influential or eye-catching title as their first sentence. Let’s take a look at few titles from Science Direct’s top
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How to Publish a Medical Manuscript in a High-Impact Journal?

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your research being published and visible to the outside world. After all, scientific publications connote an ongoing progress in the medical domain, and being its part is everyone’s dream. Medical publications are the means to let the readers know about the advances in the knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and medicine. Therefore, the knowledge they provide must be accurate, valid, trustworthy, and clinically useful. In other words, medica
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