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Medical manuscript writing - Know your grammar rules

Medical Manuscript Writing – Know your Grammar Rules

Do you fear writing your first medical manuscript? Is the language of English the biggest hurdle in writing your manuscript? If yes, we can understand your fears. English is often considered as the most difficult and tricky language to learn. Probably due to its tricky grammar rules or exceptions to these rules. For example, the past tense of "sit" is "sat", but the past tense of "hit" is "hit". Similarly, "overlook" and "oversee" are words with a different meaning, but "look" and "see" are s
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How to Publish a Medical Manuscript in a High-Impact Journal?

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your research being published and visible to the outside world. After all, scientific publications connote an ongoing progress in the medical domain, and being its part is everyone’s dream. Medical publications are the means to let the readers know about the advances in the knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and medicine. Therefore, the knowledge they provide must be accurate, valid, trustworthy, and clinically useful. In other words, medica
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