Journal Impact Factor and Its Significance in Publishing Your Manuscript

The Impact factor of a journal is one of the things authors consider while choosing the right journal for publishing their manuscript. But, what is this impact factor? Why is it considered important in selecting the target journal for publication?

Journal Impact factor is the number of times articles in the journal are cited in other publications for a particular year. For example, an impact factor of 3 indicates that each article in the journal was cited 3 times on average for a specific year.

So, the impact factor indicates the importance or the rank of a journal by calculating the times its articles are cited elsewhere. And an article that is cited many times represents a novel and interesting research, raising the impact factor of the journal.

Thus, impact factor forms an important tool for authors to evaluate the journals and submit their manuscript for publication.

However, there is a word of caution! Relying only on the impact factor is a mistake! You must also consider the topic of your research, your target audience, and the time-frame of publication that must match the journal guidelines you are ought to choose. Cognibrain medical manuscript writing service team help you to get your manuscript published in high impact medical journal.

Read the medical manuscript submission guidelines of your target journal beforehand!

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