Cesarean Baby May Develop Chronic Disease In Future

Delivery through cesarean section has become popular worldwide. C-section is essentially indicated to protect the mother or infant in circumstances e.g. prolonged labor, fetal distress or a breech baby. Although the WHO recommends no more than 15% C-sections, the rate is almost double worldwide with elective C-sections on the hike.

However, literature survey proclaims that babies born through C-section are prone to chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes and obesity in later life. Dr. Jan Blustein, et al (published in The BMJ) reported that in the US, about 2.13/1000 C-section babies developed Type 1 diabetes compared to those delivered vaginally (1.79/1000). About 9.5% and 19.4% C-section infants developed asthma and obesity respectively compared to 7.9% and 15.8% infants born vaginally.

Based on these evidences, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends physicians to avoid needless C-sections by encouraging longer labor and preferring nonsurgical options to enhance vaginal delivery.

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