Histology Services

You know the benefits of outsourcing your histology services. But, are you wasting your time and money on substandard histology services?

Probably Yes! Let’s look at the 4 signs of substandard histology services:

1) Limited training of histology technicians

Many laboratories train their technicians in only one area of histology. However, to ensure quality histology services, you need technicians trained in multiple domains.

2) Lack of a specific study protocol

If you give the histology lab a protocol that doesn’t address the specific areas of slide preparation, you may waste a lot of time in answering their questions.  Plus, the lack of key information will affect the study results.   So, provide the details of the tissues to process, stains to use and any specific areas to test in your histology lab.

3) Histology lab has no experience of GLP regulations

If the histology technicians aren’t well versed with GLP regulations, you may spend double the time and money on their services. So, check this before outsourcing your histology services.

4) Poor communication between lab personnel and the management

Ideally, the lab manager should lead the technical team and ensure the slides are prepared correctly and efficiently. However, poor communication between the two can delay your project. So, make sure there’s open communication and proper management before you hire your histology services.

Keep these things in mind to ensure your histology studies are on time and on the budget!


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