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To publish their research in an international peer-reviewed journal is every researcher’s dream. However, only a few manuscripts submitted to the journal make their way to the publication; rest get rejected. So, to make your place in those few accepted manuscripts, you must make a positive impression upon the journal editors and peer reviewers.


Here’s the deal:

Submit your manuscript to the medical editing services company. It will help you prepare a polished and publication-ready manuscript and communicate your research ideas clearly and effectively.

However, before you submit your manuscript, go through the list of 5 things you must do:

1) Write the manuscript title yourself

The title of a manuscript is the most significant part of the research paper, but also the most difficult to write. That’ the reason authors leave this task on the medical editing service provider. However, as an author, you must write the title yourself, though you can take the help of the medical editor to improve it. In the title, tell the readers what your paper is about and why your study is significant.

2) Write your own abstract

The abstract of your manuscript is the first impression upon the readers. If it is impressive, a reader will read the entire manuscript. However, if you devote less time to prepare the abstract or leave it on the medical editor, you are wrong. A professional medical editor can help to refine the abstract and meet the desired word limit, but it is not his job to write it on your behalf. If you submit your manuscript with a clear written abstract, the medical editor will do his job better.

3) Format the structure of your manuscript 

Poor structure is one of the top reasons for the manuscript rejection. Before you write your manuscript, outline the sections and the flow of information within them. If you present your ideas in a structured manner, it will be easier for the medical editor to understand your intent and elevate your manuscript to a new level.

4) Ensure the accuracy of data 

Collecting data from various resources is an inherent part of scientific research. The research manuscripts include data in the form of tables, figures, graphs, or other statistics. Before you submit your manuscript to a medical editing companies, make sure your data is accurate and complete.

5) Proofread your manuscript

Read through your manuscript several times and fix all the spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, extra spaces, and other language mistakes. Make sure all the fonts are consistent and also check your references/citations.  This exercise ensures the medical editor spends quality time on your manuscript and not on typing errors.

To develop an effective manuscript that the journals accept is challenging.  A medical editor helps you to overcome this challenge, improves the quality of your manuscript, and increases your chances of acceptance. However, send the best copy of your manuscript to the medical editor so that it receives the attention it deserves.

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