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Scientific Writing Strategies

Make your Scientific Writing Productive with 6 Awesome Strategies

As a scientist, you must excel at different skills, all at the same time. The lab work, data analysis, sitting in committees, faculty meetings, attending conferences and what not! Plus, publish papers and apply for grants. So, you are always under tremendous pressure. It’s natural to get overwhelmed because scientific writing requires time, focus, and creativity. Writing at the last minute won’t give you a quality paper. Well, there are six strategies you can implement right now to sta
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scientific paper writing tips

Scientific Paper Writing: How to Write your Research Paper Concisely?

You spend months and years on your research. However, for writing your research paper, it need not be lengthy. Most journals recommend a word count limit for their research papers. But, authors find it difficult to write concisely and conform to a word count limit. That’s because they usually have so much to say.  Conforming to the journal requirements, however, is important to avoid getting rejected. You must write concisely when drafting your manuscript and proofread it critically to id
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Tips for Writing an Effective Case Report

5 Tips for Writing an Effective Case Report

In medicine, a case report is a detailed report of the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of an individual patient. It describes an unexpected presentation of an illness. Writing a case report is an integral part of scientific writing because: It proposes a new hypothesis in Medical Science Shares new and rare clinical observations that can be the focus of a larger clinical study Helps to publicize information about a rare disease However, as a novice author, y
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Do’s and Don’ts of Writing your Scientific Research Paper

Scientific Writing: the Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Research Paper

You always want to submit an excellent research paper for publication in your desired journal. And the reason is obvious. Your research paper is the only medium to convey your hard work to the readers. Be it an abstract, a research paper, a research proposal or a thesis, the way you present the data and your style of writing speak volumes about you. Since it’s so significant to submit a well-written research paper, you can’t take the process of scientific writing in a light mode. For exp
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Guidelines for reporting scientific studies

Guidelines for Reporting Scientific Studies: Why do you need them?

Accurate reporting of scientific studies is most important. Researchers use the studies as a base for their own research. Clinicians use them to plan the right treatment for the patients. The government health agencies use them to design impactful preventive and treatment strategies. Thus, if you don't report the results accurately in the scientific publications, they won't provide any value to the society and all your hard work will go waste. So, several guidelines are introduced to ensure t
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steps to take after your manuscript gets rejected

Your Manuscript got Rejected, What Next?

You have burnt the night fuel for an important experiment and draft its results in your manuscript. You had taken every step to write your research paper according to the desired journal’s guidelines. But still, it got rejected? Now what? Was your research a complete nonsense? Didn’t you conduct the experiment with care? Were there any loopholes in writing your research paper? All this and much more pervade your mind when journals your manuscript. And you doubt your capability as a resear
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How to Write an Eye-catching Research Paper Title

How to Write an Eye-catching Research Paper Title

Like we say “You can judge a book by its cover”, the title of your research paper is an important determinant of your research work. It speaks volumes about what is inside and how many readers it will attract. A good research paper title: Summarises the paper’s content in few words Captures the reader’s attention Stands out from other papers in the field Here are the dos and don’ts for writing an effective research paper title: HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: 
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scientific paper writing

The Ethics of Scientific Writing What to Avoid In Writing your Paper

Be a beginner or an experienced researcher scientific writing is not easy for both. Apart from the format, structure, and grammar, there are certain ethical principles to be followed in scientific writing. Since you write scientific papers for advancement in the scientific field, strict adherence to these ethical guidelines is necessary. Therefore, professional organisations like Committee on Publication Ethics and International Council of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) formulate guidelines for
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Writing Mistakes Encountered in Scientific Writing

Top 5 Writing Mistakes Encountered in Scientific Writing

Scientific writing is tough! So, mistakes are bound to happen. But, certain mistakes put-off the journal editors and raise your chances of rejection. These are the top 5 mistakes encountered and to be avoided in scientific writing: HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT:  How to Write Your Research paper: Communicate like Pro 5 Quick Steps to Avoid Plagiarism and Improve Scientific Writing
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