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Need of Publication Support Services

Need of Publication Support Services

Introduction Because of the high rate of rejection by the journals in publishing research papers, it is important to get these papers checked by professionals. Research paper publication support services help the researchers to fill the gaps that lead to paper rejection. Why Should You Publish Your Research? When a researcher completes his research, he writes a research article explaining various facts about his research. These facts include the question under consideration, a methodology to
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What are the benefits of rapid publication

Publication support – What are the Benefits of Rapid Publication

The traditional publication track involves manuscript writing, submission, peer review, editing, and final publication in the journal. It spans a period of several months to a year depending on factors such as field of study, availability of peer reviewers, and the journal's publication frequency. However, today, scientific research, publication, and the researchers’ career progression depend not only on quality but speed as well. Certain scientific fields like immunology and clinical rese
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Common tips for how to avoid journal rejection

Publication Support Services: How to Avoid Journal Rejection?

The rate of journal rejection differs across different journals. Irrespective of the rate, it’s very discouraging for the scholars who spend years planning their research, securing funds, compiling and analyzing data, and making sound conclusions to benefit their readers. Therefore, we recommend you to do your homework before submitting your manuscript to a journal for publication. You must know the journal’s standards, formats and its rejection rates. Also, knowing the common reasons for
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Dos and Don’ts when submitting your research paper

Dos and Don’ts when Submitting your Research Paper

Do you think journal publication is an easy process? You write a research paper, submit it to the journal office and Voila! The editors will publish your paper. If you think so, you are mistaken. Submitting your paper for publication in your desired journal can be tedious as many things need to be taken care of. Therefore, we are here to make your journal publication easy and successful through our publication support services experts. By keeping in mind a checklist of do’s and don’
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What do Peer Reviewers look for in your Manuscript

What do Peer Reviewers look for in your Manuscript?

A peer reviewer is an expert in Science who scrutinises your research manuscript. Though the peer review process takes up most of your time in journal publication, it’s worth it. It’s only the peer reviewer who ensures the manuscript is easy to comprehend, valid and reliable, has no gap areas, and is significant in research. A peer reviewer is your trustworthy and reliable companion for publication in a medical journal. But what he searches for in your medical journal article? Every peer
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How does Journal Selection Service Strengthen your Publication Strategy

How does Journal Selection Service Strengthen your Publication Strategy?

You should select a right journal to publish your manuscript. Besides writing a high-quality paper, choosing the right journal must be a part of your publication strategy. You should choose your target journal after considering its scope, peer review process, and open access policy. However, choosing the right journal is a tedious process. A researcher must keep pace with the various options available to him and make a smart choice. But, the hefty schedules of conducting his research may not
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steps to overcome the challenges in publishing your manuscript

7 Tips to Overcome the Challenges in Publishing your Manuscript

To publish your manuscript in the journal of your choice is harder than writing it. The common challenges faced in publishing your manuscript are: Write a manuscript with a clear take-away message for its audience Format the manuscript to remove all inconsistencies and errors Choose the right journal with a wide scope for publication of your research Align the well-written manuscript to the scope of the target journal High competition amongst researchers to publish their manuscr
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steps to take after your manuscript gets rejected

Your Manuscript got Rejected, What Next?

You have burnt the night fuel for an important experiment and draft its results in your manuscript. You had taken every step to write your research paper according to the desired journal’s guidelines. But still, it got rejected? Now what? Was your research a complete nonsense? Didn’t you conduct the experiment with care? Were there any loopholes in writing your research paper? All this and much more pervade your mind when journals your manuscript. And you doubt your capability as a resear
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How to Publish your Paper

How to Publish your Research Paper in just 7 Steps?

You have drafted your research paper and are ready to submit to the journal for publication. But, wait! Before you submit, ensure you have followed these 7 steps to publish your paper successfully. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT:  Can the Peer Review Process Be Your Publication Support? 5 Unethical Practices to Avoid While Publishing Your Research
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