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steps to overcome the challenges in publishing your manuscript

7 Tips to Overcome the Challenges in Publishing your Manuscript

To publish your manuscript in the journal of your choice is harder than writing it. The common challenges faced in publishing your manuscript are: Write a manuscript with a clear take-away message for its audience Format the manuscript to remove all inconsistencies and errors Choose the right journal with a wide scope for publication of your research Align the well-written manuscript to the scope of the target journal High competition amongst researchers to publish their manuscr
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steps to take after your manuscript gets rejected

Your Manuscript got Rejected, What Next?

You have burnt the night fuel for an important experiment and draft its results in your manuscript. You had taken every step to write your research paper according to the desired journal’s guidelines. But still, it got rejected? Now what? Was your research a complete nonsense? Didn’t you conduct the experiment with care? Were there any loopholes in writing your research paper? All this and much more pervade your mind when journals your manuscript. And you doubt your capability as a resear
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How to Publish your Paper

How to Publish your Research Paper in just 7 Steps?

You have drafted your research paper and are ready to submit to the journal for publication. But, wait! Before you submit, ensure you have followed these 7 steps to publish your paper successfully. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT:  Can the Peer Review Process Be Your Publication Support? 5 Unethical Practices to Avoid While Publishing Your Research
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