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scientific paper writing tips

Scientific Paper Writing: How to Write your Research Paper Concisely?

You spend months and years on your research. However, for writing your research paper, it need not be lengthy. Most journals recommend a word count limit for their research papers. But, authors find it difficult to write concisely and conform to a word count limit. That’s because they usually have so much to say.  Conforming to the journal requirements, however, is important to avoid getting rejected. You must write concisely when drafting your manuscript and proofread it critically to id
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Proofreading your own paper: How to impress the reviewers?

Proofreading Your Own Paper: How to Impress the Reviewers?

After completing your research paper, you sit down to proofread and edit all the mistakes made while writing. But, you are confused. "What should I look for while proofreading my medical paper?" "What if any mistakes get ignored?" "What impression will it create on the journal reviewers?" If these are the worries that trouble you, here's a checklist of the questions you should ask yourself while proofreading your own paper: Is the title accurate and concise to reflect what your paper
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Why should I proofread my research paper

Why should I Proofread my Research Paper?

Many authors, especially those who are good at writing often ask, "What is wrong with my scientific writing?" In other words, they intend to ask "Why should I proofread my paper?" That means they are still not convinced over the significance of proofreading their medical paper. For them, medical proofreading is for the novice authors who make many mistakes while writing their research papers. This is obvious to them because they are good writers and see no flaws in their writing. However,
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scientific editing and proofreading

What to Look for When Proofreading and Editing your Scientific Paper?

There is no second opinion; you must proofread and edit your scientific manuscript before submitting for publication in a journal. Now, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional scientific editing service provider. A professional scientific editor is a language expert with rigorous scientific knowledge. He edits your manuscript to make it ready for publication in a journal. You need not worry about the quality of your manuscript at the hands of a scientific editor. But what if you
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how to proofread your manuscript

How to Proofread your Medical Manuscript in 8 Simple Steps?

Yeah! You have completed writing your research manuscript. And now you want to hire a professional medical editor to remove all jargon, correct the mistakes, and make your manuscript ready for publication. Writing a manuscript is tiring and cumbersome. You don’t wish to spend more energy and time on proofreading and editing your document, but it’s essential. So, you look at a medical editing services to help you do so. But, wait! Do not get tempted to submit the first draft of your man
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