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Histopathology Laboratory_ How to Choose the Best Stain for your Slides

Histopathology Laboratory: How to Choose the Best Stain for your Slides?

Using stains in microscopy is a routine part of the daily operations in a histopathology laboratory. The purpose of using these stains is to enhance contrast and highlight the structures in the slides, and thus to get accurate results in the tests. However, choosing the best stain for accurate results isn't always easy. This is because there are numerous stains in histology and selecting the best is cumbersome. Besides the commonly used ones, many other stains are used for studying speci
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Histopathology slides: The first steps to prepare the highest quality slides

Histopathology Slides: The First Steps to Prepare the Highest Quality Slides

To analyse any specimen in your histology lab, you must prepare a perfect histopathology slide first. For this, you should fix the specimen in such a way that light passes evenly through it and demarcates all its significant features. Thus, preparing highest quality slides begins with the few first steps. What are these first steps? Here they are: Choose the highest quality glass for your slides and coverslips. Choose the slides that fit on your microscope equipment and fulfil the
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Do’s and Don’ts for FDA visit in your Histopathology Laboratory

Do’s and Don’ts for FDA Visit in your Histopathology Laboratory

What do you do when FDA inspectors visit your histopathology laboratory? Though it’s a routine visit to check your lab’s compliance with the accepted regulations, but it gives you a PANIC, isn’t it? However, you can avoid being panicky by following these do’s and don’ts when FDA inspectors pay a visit to your lab. Do’s Ensure that all the facilities and staff at your lab follow GLPs and company SOPs strictly. SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures are the written guidelines f
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