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DNA Testing of Herbal Supplements

DNA Testing of Herbal Supplements – Is it Worth?

There is a heated debate over the quality of the herbal supplements sold in the market.  With majority retailers making fraud claims about these supplements, it requires stringent rules and regulations for their quality control. A consumer takes a herbal supplement for its purported health benefits, which are attributed to the plant source of the product. He knows that the herbal supplements are derived from a plant source and are, therefore, safe to consume. But, that’s not the complet
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Difference Between Herbal, Ayurvedic, Natural, And Organic Products

When you buy Herbal Healthcare Products? You notice a tag or a label on the product: Herbal Ayurvedic Natural Organic What these labels mean? Aren’t they all same? NO! They sound similar with similar meaning, but are entirely different Know the difference to decide what you need exactly! Herbal Products: Are made from plant extracts, roots, leaves etc. Are free from chemicals, though pesticides may be used for plant growth Used for therapeutic purposes
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