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Why Are Clinical Trials Necessary

Why Are Clinical Trials Necessary?

Clinical research is as an experiment conducted on human beings to evaluate the safety & efficacy of new drugs, medical devices, new drug delivery systems etc. Several thousands of new drugs enter the market each year and unless they are tested in humans, we cannot accurately predict their effect on them. Thus, clinical trials become necessary. But, many people in India consider preclinical research as a curse and state that “Human Beings are treated as Guinea Pigs.” They are concerne
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How Medical Writing Services can improve the Reporting of Clinical Trials?

Many authors choose to hire professional medical writers when writing their research for publication. But, why they do so? Do they lack the proficiency in writing a research paper? Or they are not a native English speaker? Or their research work leaves no time for writing their research document? If you are still doubtful about hiring a professional medical writing services, this piece is for you. With respect to the clinical trials, their adequate reporting is important in the pharmaceuti
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Narrative Writing in Clinical Research: Guidelines for a Medical Writer

Narrative writing or writing patient safety narratives is an integral part of any clinical study report writing. Before dwelling into its guidelines, let us first understand what it is and what importance it carries in clinical research. In simple terms, a narrative is a brief summary of the adverse events experienced by the patients during a clinical trial of a drug. It is submitted along with the clinical study report to establish any causal relationship between the events experienced by the
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