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What does a Formulation Scientist do

What does a Formulation Scientist do?

Ever wondered what makes up that tablet you gobble down during a headache?

It’s not only the active drug but colourants, flavours, binders, and many other ingredients that make up the final product. Some increase the therapeutic properties of the drug, while others aid in the manufacturing process.

But, how to determine which products to combine and in what ratio?

That’s where a formulation scientist comes in. The typical role of a formulation scientist comprise of:

  • Design multivariate preformulation studies of different formulations of a particular drug
  • Help manage clinical trials, pilot studies, and panel tests to compare reactions of potential customers to proposed formulations
  • Analyse the results of the preformulation studies and write reports for both corporate records and regulatory bodies
  • Modify the excipients or inactive ingredients used in the drug formulations
  • Assist in pharmaceutical formulation to form the final medicinal product
  • Evaluate the finished medicinal product with respect to its safety and efficacy

Thus, formulation scientists play an important role in the drug development process, whereby they determine the proper combination of the ingredients and balance the product quality, stability, and cost.

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