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What do Peer Reviewers look for in your Manuscript

What do Peer Reviewers look for in your Manuscript?

A peer reviewer is an expert in Science who scrutinises your research manuscript. Though the peer review process takes up most of your time in journal publication, it’s worth it. It’s only the peer reviewer who ensures the manuscript is easy to comprehend, valid and reliable, has no gap areas, and is significant in research.

A peer reviewer is your trustworthy and reliable companion for publication in a medical journal. But what he searches for in your medical journal article?

Every peer reviewer looks for these three aspects:

1) The originality of the article 

  • Does it add enough information to the published literature? If so, what
  • Does it expands on what people already know and how?

2) Importance to its readers

The importance of your manuscript is determined by:

  • Its influence on the clinicians, policymakers, scientists, educators, and patients
  • How it will help the readers to make better decisions?
  • Its suitability to the submitted journal

 3) Scientific reliability

Assesses the various sections of your manuscript for:

  • Clarity of the research question
  • Appropriateness of the study design
  • Proper description of the involved participants, methods used, and the results
  • How the results answer your research question
  • Relevance of your conclusions, interpretations, and references

By knowing what the peer reviewers search for in your manuscript, it will be easier for you to write your medical manuscript.

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