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Things You Should Know About Herbal Supplements and Cancer

3 Things You Should Know About Herbal Supplements and Cancer

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology claims the use of herbal supplements by 14% to 32% of people with cancer. Such people often use dietary and herbal supplements to boost their health, improve nutrition, and reduce the side effects associated with cancer treatment.

Many people view herbal supplements as safe for consumption, as they are “natural” products. But, you must know these three facts about herbal supplements before taking them:

1.No herbal supplement can cure cancer

Beware of the alternative therapies and herbal drugs that are marketed as a cure for cancer. They don’t have any scientific proof, are unsafe, and must only be consumed with the advice of your doctor.

2.FDA doesn’t approve of the dietary supplements

Any new drug enters the market only after extensive research and approval by FDA. But FDA evaluates the dietary supplements under a different set of regulations. The efficacy of these dietary supplements is not tested in clinical trials before they are sold, but only after the user reports any problems from their use. Thus, the quality and safety of these products are questionable.

3.Herbal supplements may interfere with chemotherapy and other cancer treatments

Since herbal supplements are not tested together with chemotherapy, their interaction may reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy or produce undesired side effects.

Thus, more research is needed to prove the safety and efficacy of these supplements in cancer patients. For that utilize our hi-tech herbal testing laboratory services.

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