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Medical Dissertation Topics

The Most Trending Medical Dissertation Topics

A medical dissertation is the document of your research which you submit to get your doctoral degree. It’s a discourse on a particular research topic written as a part of an academic qualification.

However, a medical dissertation is not only to get an academic degree but also the first research work you present to the world. It can also act as a turning point in your career and help acquire your dream job. Thus, it’s crucial to write a flawless medical dissertation.

Choosing the right topic for your medical dissertation is the preliminary step and the hardest of all.

So, here we ease your job by providing few trending topics to write your medical dissertation.

1) Clinical Management

Clinical management is a healthcare service that involves the management of clinical settings and all aspects of nursing. Some medical dissertation topics in clinical management are:

  • How to manage patients with acute pain?
  • Psychological and medical management of drug-dependent prisoners.
  • Risks in the clinical management of prostate cancer patients.
  • The best medical strategies to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Issues with hospital care of patients with malignant breast tumours.
  • Pre-hospital and inter-organisational technologies to develop community-based psychosocial forms for substance abuse and mental health care.
  • Different patterns of primary glaucoma disease and its treatment
  • How improve the health of children with celiac disease along with management issues if any?
  • How to manage stroke patients in medical institutions?

 2) Midwifery

Midwifery is the branch of medical Science that deals with deals with pregnancy, childbirth, post-partum care of the newborn, and care of the sexual and reproductive health of women. Some suggested topics in Midwifery are:

  • The role of midwives in improving the outcomes of pregnancy.
  • How can midwives improve high-risk pregnancies?
  • The role and competence of midwives in a clinical setting.
  • Lessons to be learned from International midwifery practice.
  • How can a woman develop a trusting relationship with her midwife before delivery?
  • The perspective and potential of today’s Midwifery practice.
  • The history of Obstetrics and the role of the midwife.
  • How does previous nursing training influence a midwife’s practice?

 3) Occupational Health

Work-related health issues and stress are on a rise. This makes occupational health and safety measures the perfect topic for your medical dissertation. You can write about:

  • The psychology of occupational health in stress management.
  • Do policemen have occupational stress? What are its long-term effects?
  • How to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries?
  • Occupational safety measures for factory workers.
  • Assessment of working conditions in sewage pumping stations.
  • Assessment of the environment and working conditions on the health of the nurses.
  • How to prevent the side-effects of mineral fertilisers on the environment and plant workers?
  • Psycho-vegetative disorders among poultry farm workers and their treatment.

 4) Mental Health

Proper psychological health involves normal emotional, behavioral, and social maturity of a person. In a healthy state of mental well-being, a person can behave and function normally in the society and everyday life.

However, sometimes a person undergoes psychological blows and is not able to maintain a healthy mental well-being. So, the techniques to restore normal mental health can be a good subject for your medical dissertation. Think about writing on these topics:

  • How to ensure the safety of mental health in security personnel?
  • Mental health of workers in dangerous nuclear industries.
  • How a student’s mental health contributes to his psychological adaptation to the learning process?
  • Characteristics of the mental health of military personnel.
  • The relationship between the quality of life and mental health in emergency doctors or an individual.
  • How to study the mental health of disabled people along with methods of their rehabilitation.
  • Clinical, social, psychological, and rehabilitative aspects of a migrant’s mental health.
  • Mental health of women suffering from gynaecological disorders.

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