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The Fourfold Benefits of Conducting Preclinical Study

Preclinical research studies form an important step in the process of drug development. It is the method of collecting adequate data that helps the researchers to decide whether it is safe for you to take a particular drug or not by conducting thorough studies on animals or plant specimens.

But knowing the safety profile of the drug the only benefit or outcome of a preclinical studies?

Absolutely not!

A preclinical studies conducted to know the efficacy of a new drug or medical device also renders the following benefits:

  1. Knowledge of the initial safe dose for administration in humans and how the dose can be escalated for treating the disease.
  2. Knowledge of the pharmacological action of the drug.
  3. What is the toxic dose of the drug, target organs for toxicity, and whether this toxicity is reversible or not?
  4. What is the best route for the administration of the drug to obtain its maximum benefits

No doubt, why such studies are guarded by the regulations of Good Laboratory Practice! Owing to their fourfold benefits and a risk of human life in case of any misconduct!

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