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Common tips for how to avoid journal rejection

Publication Support Services: How to Avoid Journal Rejection?

The rate of journal rejection differs across different journals. Irrespective of the rate, it’s very discouraging for the scholars who spend years planning their research, securing funds, compiling and analyzing data, and making sound conclusions to benefit their readers. Therefore, we recommend you to do your homework before submitting your manuscript to a journal for publication. You must know the journal’s standards, formats and its rejection rates. Also, knowing the common reasons for
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Proofreading your own paper: How to impress the reviewers?

Proofreading Your Own Paper: How to Impress the Reviewers?

After completing your research paper, you sit down to proofread and edit all the mistakes made while writing. But, you are confused. "What should I look for while proofreading my medical paper?" "What if any mistakes get ignored?" "What impression will it create on the journal reviewers?" If these are the worries that trouble you, here's a checklist of the questions you should ask yourself while proofreading your own paper: Is the title accurate and concise to reflect what your paper
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What do Peer Reviewers look for in your Manuscript

What do Peer Reviewers look for in your Manuscript?

A peer reviewer is an expert in Science who scrutinises your research manuscript. Though the peer review process takes up most of your time in journal publication, it’s worth it. It’s only the peer reviewer who ensures the manuscript is easy to comprehend, valid and reliable, has no gap areas, and is significant in research. A peer reviewer is your trustworthy and reliable companion for publication in a medical journal. But what he searches for in your medical journal article? Every peer
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