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When should you hire a Professional Medical Thesis Writing Service

Medical Thesis Writing: When Should you Hire a Professional Service?

Long before you plan to pursue a PhD degree, you know you have to submit a medical thesis. Not only to get your degree but also to contribute something unique to the scientific community with your research. However, writing a medical thesis doesn’t come easily to everyone. Luckily, professional medical thesis writing services are at your disposal. By hiring these services, you hire a team of skilled writers and editors who are experts in: Medicine/ Pharmacy/ Life Scien
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Statistical Errors to Avoid In your Medical Thesis Writing

4 Statistical Errors to Avoid in your Medical Thesis Writing

Statistics is a tool that helps you assess the relationship between two or more variables and evaluate the study questions. Bio-statistics utilises this tool to resolve problems in biomedical sciences. It enables the researchers to analyse the effectiveness of a new drug, know the causal factors of a disease, calculate the life expectancy of the patient, the mortality and morbidity rate in a population, etc. Though statistics is a primary tool in biomedical research, its misuse and abuse are
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A step-by-step guide on how to write an ideal medical thesis

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Write an Ideal Medical Thesis

What do you need to write a medical thesis? Of course, a knowledge about how to conduct a research and how to pen down its results in an appropriate format.  Even if you are adept in clinical research, it doesn't mean writing a thesis comes easily to you. A medical thesis has a structure that is important to follow. So, here we provide a step-by-step guide on how to write an ideal medical thesis. Step 1: Start your thesis with a suitable ‘Title’. The title is an intro to the contents
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Medical Thesis Writing

Guidelines for Presenting Your Results in Medical Thesis Writing

Correct reporting of your research results is crucial in medical thesis writing. You must avoid any falsification or fabrication of data in the “Results” section. The most important thing to bear in mind is the objective of your research study. Any result that is out of sync with this objective must not be reported, however valuable it might be. Pay attention to the following guidelines for presenting the results of your research study: Use a mixture of text, tables, and figures.
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How to Convert a Medical Thesis into an Article

How to Convert a Medical Thesis into an Article?

For young researchers, it is imperative to publish numerous research articles in reputed journals. It adds credibility to their name and proves beneficial for their career ahead. However, many researchers find it difficult to write articles for publication; they struggle to even come up with an interesting research question. An easy way to publish soon after your PhD is to to write the journal article from your medical thesis. You had invested months in performing research, collecting and anal
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7 Common Mistakes in Writing a Medical Dissertation

7 Common Mistakes in Writing a Medical Dissertation

A medical dissertation is a document of your research which you have to submit for obtaining a doctoral degree. It’s also a test to check your competency in conducting an independent research. It can act as a turning point in your career in future and help you gain world recognition through your research. Therefore, it is extremely important to write your medical dissertation in a flawless manner. The classroom lectures and examinations during your doctoral program pose extreme pressure on
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