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Medical Manuscript-All You Need to Know About

Medical Manuscript: All You Need to Know About

Introduction Medical manuscript writing is a document that depicts the research done by the researcher. It should be accurate, complete, precise, and provide unambiguous information. If the researcher does not feel comfortable in writing a research paper of its own, he may take the best medical manuscript writing service for getting his research paper published in the target journal. What is a Medical Manuscript? The medical manuscript is a document that is generally written by the researcher
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Medical manuscript writing - Know your grammar rules

Medical Manuscript Writing – Know your Grammar Rules

Do you fear writing your first medical manuscript? Is the language of English the biggest hurdle in writing your manuscript? If yes, we can understand your fears. English is often considered as the most difficult and tricky language to learn. Probably due to its tricky grammar rules or exceptions to these rules. For example, the past tense of "sit" is "sat", but the past tense of "hit" is "hit". Similarly, "overlook" and "oversee" are words with a different meaning, but "look" and "see" are s
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write a good abstract for your medical manuscript

What Makes a Good Abstract for your Medical Manuscript?

When people search for their articles of interest in a journal, they click through to see their abstract. Now, an abstract may either grab or lose the reader’s attention. A good abstract maintains the reader’s interest while a bad one puts them off irrespective of the relevance of the research work. So, what differentiates a good abstract from a bad one? Here are some notable differences that will help you to write a good abstract for your medical manuscript and gain attention from the read
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Formalizing your Medical Manuscript Writing

Formalizing your Medical Manuscript Writing : 5 Effective Tips

Writing a medical manuscript is a form of academic writing which is carried out with a sole objective to inform the audience rather than entertain. Consequently, manuscript writing must be precise, formal, impersonal, and objective. The language and the words used must be precise and accurate. There is no space for informal language, inaccurate words or colloquialisms in writing your manuscript. Though it must engage the readers, it must follow the strict principles of academic writing. Wh
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Medical Paper Writing: The Sentence Not to Start Your Paper With

The opening sentence of your research paper is vital. It’s the first sentence your reader will see and form an impression about the paper. Thus, it must draw the reader’s attention and tell him how important and interesting your research is. Think about the other articles you’ve read and referred to while writing your own. You tend to remember the ones which had an influential or eye-catching title as their first sentence. Let’s take a look at few titles from Science Direct’s top
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