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How to submit your revised manuscript to the medical journal

Medical Journal Articles: How to Submit your Revised Manuscript to the Journal?

It’s very rare that you submit your manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal and don’t receive a request to revise it. Most journals ask to revise your submission at least three or four times before it's finally accepted. If that sounds cumbersome to you, this article is not for you. Because receiving a request from the journal editors to revise your manuscript is far better than absolute rejection. It means that your idea, your research and your manuscript struck a chord in the reviewers
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Why revise your Manuscript before submitting to the Medical editor?

Why Revise your Manuscript before Submitting to the Medical Editor?

Imagine! You are a young scientist working on an interesting and trending topic of the year. You have discovered something awesome, something very significant. And now, you wish to publish your work so that the world comes to know about your discovery. But, most of the journals have rejected your article. How will you feel? The first thought strikes your mind, “I had submitted my manuscript to the reputed medical editor. So, why didn’t they recognise and encourage the worth of my pa
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