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steps to overcome the challenges in publishing your manuscript

7 Tips to Overcome the Challenges in Publishing your Manuscript

To publish your manuscript in the journal of your choice is harder than writing it. The common challenges faced in publishing your manuscript are:

  • Write a manuscript with a clear take-away message for its audience
  • Format the manuscript to remove all inconsistencies and errors
  • Choose the right journal with a wide scope for publication of your research
  • Align the well-written manuscript to the scope of the target journal
  • High competition amongst researchers to publish their manuscripts

Nevertheless, you are not alone in facing these challenges. Every researcher has to face them in his journey of publication. And by overcoming them, they reach the peak of their career.

So, what are the ways to overcome these challenges in publishing your manuscript? What is the secret to successfully publish your research in your target journal?

Let’s learn those secrets from the renowned researchers who give you 7 top tips to publish your research:

1) Before you begin to write your manuscript, describe your work to a friend, relative or a neighbor. Write 3-5 key points of your work. Summarize your work in a single sentence.

2) Now, when you have a story and the key message of your work clear in your mind, start writing your manuscript.

3) After writing the manuscript, read the text at least twice. Check whether the information is relevant to tell the story and the key message of your work. If yes, keep the information in the text, else, delete it.

4) Check for all inconsistencies, poor language or other errors in the manuscript together with other authors of the manuscript, if any. All the authors of the manuscript must sit down together to edit the manuscript, rather than doing it individually and then compile.

5) Share the final draft of your manuscript with your colleagues (preferably from different disciplines) and ask them to evaluate it. Ask if they are able to clearly understand the scope of the manuscript and decipher a clear take-away message. Also, take their suggestions for improving the quality of the manuscript, if any.

6) To choose the right journal for publishing your research, consider the following factors:

  • Topics published by the journal
  • Target audience of the journal
  • Types of articles published by the journal
  • Impact factor of the journal
  • Prestige of the authors who publish in the journal
  • Peer review process of the journal
  • Time taken for publication
  • Open access policy of the journal

Hire a professional publication support services who will guide you to make a smart and informed choice about the right journal for your manuscript. Journal selection experts give you a comprehensive journal metrics and recommend 3-5 journals to publish your research in a journal that suits the best.

7) If you are not confident of submitting your manuscript for publication, take support from medical editing and proofreading services. They will polish your manuscript and make it suitable for publication, increasing your chances of acceptance.

Following these tips will help you overcome all your challenges and make your research publication a success!

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