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scientific editing and proofreading

What to Look for When Proofreading and Editing your Scientific Paper?

There is no second opinion; you must proofread and edit your scientific manuscript before submitting for publication in a journal. Now, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional scientific editing service provider.

A professional scientific editor is a language expert with rigorous scientific knowledge. He edits your manuscript to make it ready for publication in a journal. You need not worry about the quality of your manuscript at the hands of a scientific editor. But what if you don’t have the budget to hire one?

In that case, you have to proofread and edit your scientific article yourself. But, do you know what to look for when doing so?

These are the details you must pay attention to while proofreading and editing your research paper:

  • Does the manuscript tell the readers what it intended to? You wrote the manuscript with a specific purpose; to tell something specific to the readers from your research. Check whether this purpose is fulfilled.
  • The language used grammar and punctuation errors, and sentence structure.
  • Clarity and flow of information in the manuscript.
  • Ease of reading the manuscript.

Thus, you require to proofread and edit your scientific manuscript not only once but maybe twice or thrice to make it perfect for publication.

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