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Proofreading your own paper: How to impress the reviewers?

Proofreading Your Own Paper: How to Impress the Reviewers?

After completing your research paper, you sit down to proofread and edit all the mistakes made while writing. But, you are confused.

“What should I look for while proofreading my medical paper?” “What if any mistakes get ignored?” “What impression will it create on the journal reviewers?”

If these are the worries that trouble you, here’s a checklist of the questions you should ask yourself while proofreading your own paper:

  • Is the title accurate and concise to reflect what your paper contains?
  • Does the abstract show the content of the paper?
  • Can you understand the objectives of your research in the introduction?
  • Does the introduction state the gap your research should fill?
  • Are the methods used in the research study replicable?
  • Did you mention the sources of equipment, organisms, reagents, etc used in the study?
  • If the research was on humans or animals, did you take the required approvals?
  • Did you present the results in a logical sequence?
  • Are your statistical methods appropriate?
  • Have you addressed the research hypotheses in the Discussion?
  • Is the discussion appropriate to your research findings?
  • Does the Discussion address the strengths and weaknesses of your research?
  • Have you acknowledged and cited all your references?
  • Did you list all the authors?

This checklist helps you to proofread your own research paper besides looking for only the language mistakes. Thus, you can wow your reviewers with a perfect copy of your manuscript.

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