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Need of Publication Support Services

Need of Publication Support Services


Because of the high rate of rejection by the journals in publishing research papers, it is important to get these papers checked by professionals. Research paper publication support services help the researchers to fill the gaps that lead to paper rejection.

Why Should You Publish Your Research?

When a researcher completes his research, he writes a research article explaining various facts about his research. These facts include the question under consideration, a methodology to complete the research and the final research outcome. The reasons for publication are many. These are:

Increase the information pool of research-related domain: Research article is an important document that results in increasing the knowledge of the people related to the research domain. Your research may help people to think altogether from a new perspective.

Increased credibility: Writing a research article and get it published in a reputed journal increases the reputation and credibility of the researcher. People will be confident in taking suggestions and information from you on your technology domain.

Accelerates career growth: Publishing a research article, especially in the reputed journal with a high impact factor, may help you in accelerating growth in career. People with their research being published have an upper edge as compared with candidates who have no publication in their name.

Changes in policies based on your research: It may be possible the conclusions of your research may help in changing the thought-process of policymakers. Your publication may be cited at various conferences to change the policy.

Altruism and inner satisfaction: Many researchers publish their research because of altruism and inner satisfaction.

What are the Reasons for Research Paper Rejection?

There are various reasons for the rejection of the research paper by the journal. Companies providing journal publication support services prevent these factors. Some of the common reasons for paper rejection are:

The subject of research not suitable for the journal: Every journal has its scope and boundaries. Some journals only publish the clinical practice research paper while others publish the articles related to a therapeutic area. Journal may reject the research paper which falls beyond their scope.

Ambiguous research topic: If the editor and reviewer of the journal think that the research paper contains an ambiguous hypothesis or the research is not properly done, they may reject the paper.

Not conform to journal style: If the research paper does not conform to the guidelines of the journal such as word count or style of citations, the research paper may be rejected.

Research ethics compromised: No journal tolerates and publishes the research article which involves unethical research practices. This also includes plagiarism.

Poorly written article: If the research paper contains poor grammar and incorrect language including wrong punctuations, the editor may reject the paper.

How to Select an Appropriate Journal for Publication?

Various journals are available where the researcher may try to publish the article. However, due to the super specialization of journals on a therapeutic basis, it is very important to select the appropriate journal. The journal which the researcher choose should satisfy the researcher’s purpose for Research paper publication. Following are some of the criteria used for selecting the appropriate journal:

List out important journals: Many journals have their niche medical domain. Make a list of those journals that publish the content related to the domain of your research. Your peers may also help you in selecting such journals.

Check the impact factor: The impact factor is the measure of the quality of research paper published in the journal. It is related to the number of citation articles published by the journal. Publications of your paper in journals of high impact factor will increase your credibility.

Time-frame for publication: Always choose those journals that have the history of replying about your paper in a pre-determined time-frame. You may not be able to get a reply even after a considerable period from some journals.

Process of paper review: Select the journals which have a robust peer-review process. This will help you in identifying the problems in your paper and improve the credibility of your paper.

Well-Indexed: The journals selected should be well-indexed. The journals are indexed based on the quality of research medical journal articles published, the regularity of publication and impact factor.

How Publication Support Services Assists You?

Rejection of paper by a journal is significantly demotivating and all the hard work done to write the paper goes in wane. Further, many journals do not allow the simultaneous submission of your paper in other journals reducing your chance of getting the paper published. In such a scenario, you require Research paper publication help. The publication support services may help you in the following manner:

  • Help you select the best journal that suits your area of research.
  • Critically analyze the research paper as per the guidelines of the selected journal.
  • Analyze the data presentation and structure of the paper.
  • Make your paper free from grammatical errors and punctuation marks.
  • Corrects the citation style.
  • Improves overall presentation of the paper.

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