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medical writing in clinical research

How Medical Writing Services can improve the Reporting of Clinical Trials?

Many authors choose to hire professional medical writers when writing their research for publication. But, why they do so? Do they lack the proficiency in writing a research paper? Or they are not a native English speaker? Or their research work leaves no time for writing their research document?

If you are still doubtful about hiring a professional medical writing services, this piece is for you.

With respect to the clinical trials, their adequate reporting is important in the pharmaceutical industry to allow others to appraise and interpret their results completely. If the results of the clinical trials are not disclosed properly or are incomplete, it can lead to the misjudgement of their benefits or risks by other researchers and clinicians.

Thus, you can’t take chances while reporting the results of the clinical trials. Incomplete reporting of the clinical studies will either fail to get your research published or lead to misjudgement and confusion amongst other clinicians.

To overcome this problem, reporting guidelines like CONSORT provide advice on how to disclose your research methods and its findings. They offer a checklist that describes the information to be included when reporting randomised clinical studies. With the introduction of the CONSORT checklist, the reporting of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) has improved, but the quality of writing in the journals still remains suboptimal. In particular, the details of the pre-specified primary outcomes, sample size calculation, randomisation, and allocation concealment are often inadequately disclosed, leaving the reader unable to confirm whether the studies were adequately planned and conducted.

Though as a clinician or a researcher, you understand the importance of disseminating the results of you research adequately but also suffer a lack of time to do so.

So, the major reason for hiring professional medical writers is to improve the reporting of the clinical trials which you are unable to due to lack of time.

A study was undertaken by Bio-Med Central that examined the value of professional medical writing services in the manuscript development across a broad range of journals. It assessed the quality of reporting of randomised controlled trials in Bio-Med Central journals (2000-2014) by comparing a group of articles with medical writing support/services with those without such a support.

And do you know what the findings of the study were?

  • Articles with declared medical writing support described studies with a higher median number of randomised patients than articles without this support.
  • Almost all the articles with medical writing support were funded by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Articles with medical writing support had a higher rate of complete reporting with adherence to 6 out of 12 CONSORT checklist items.
  • Articles with medical writing support were found to have acceptable written English by the peer reviewers.


Thus, choosing a medical writer for writing your research document incurs the following benefits:

  1. Completes the reporting of your randomised controlled trials
  2. Makes your research document adhere to the reporting guidelines like CONSORT
  3. Improves the quality of written English in your manuscript even if you are a native English speaker
  4. Saves you time and money

Medical writers generally are more familiar with publication guidelines and Good Publication Practice than researchers. They ensure that your manuscript complies with journal submission criteria and the reporting standards.

So, hire a professional medical writing service to improve the quality of your clinical trial reports.

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