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medical writing

Medical Writing: Answering Your Questions

1) What Is Medical Writing?

Medical writing is the art of creating a document that includes medical information in a readable language which is easily comprehended by the target audience. The target audience for medical writing varies and so is the style of medical writing. Medical writing is generally divided into two categories based on purpose. One is educational medical writing while other is regulatory medical writing.

Writing for layman audiences requires the use of simple words and conversion of the complex medical jargon in the simplest of language. The medical writer should limit the use of medical words and instead use general words.

Writing for doctors and healthcare professionals is altogether a different cup of tea. The medical writer should start the article with one-level up as the target audience has basic medical information. The medical writer should try to stick to the message he is trying to convey to such an audience.

Regulatory writing is another aspect of medical writing. Regulatory writing is done to seek permission for manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical formulations and medical devices.

2) What are the Skills Required to Have a Medical Writing Consultant?

Having medical information and writing it are two different aspects. Writing a medical article requires writing skills as well as medical knowledge. Following are some of the skills that a medical writer should possess:

Target Audience: The medical writer should know about his audience. The language of medical articles should provide understandable information. Knowing the target audience will increase the quality of writing and help to achieve the purpose of the article.

Flare for writing: Writing for hours on the computer or laptop is not an easy task. The medical writer should be ready to write medical articles for a long period. He should have a flair for writing.

Revision of article: Medical writer should understand that he is writing the article for his customer. He should take the feedback positively and should always be ready for revision.

Continuous Medical Education: Most people think that Continuing Medical Education is only for doctors and surgeons. It is not true. Medical writers should also remain updated related to the various advancements in medical science.

Timely delivery: Medical writer should possess project management skills to deliver the project on time as he may be engaged in multiple projects at a single point in time.

3) When are the Medical Writers Needed?

Medical writers are an important link between medical technology and people. Medical writers may either be ‘in-house’ or ‘freelance’. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Medical writers are required in the following circumstances:

Regulatory medical writing: When the company has developed a new formulation or medical device, regulatory filing is required to obtain the permission of marketing and manufacturing. In such a case, the medical writer is required.

Medical Blog Writing: To have a robust digital presence, various companies maintain their medical blogs on the internet. For writing medical blogs for posting, the medical writer is required.

Writing for medical Journals: Certain journals call for research papers for publishing them in the journals. In such cases, medical writers are required.

Medical Magazines: Articles for publication in medical magazines, medical writing is required.

4) What are the Various Medical Writing Services Provided by Companies?

Following are various medical writing services offered by companies:

  • Medico-Marketing Training manual
  • Clinical report writing
  • Regulatory submissions.
  • Drug information leaflet
  • Presentations for Continuing Medical Education
  • Scientific journal articles
  • Drug Monographs
  • Medical Thesis
  • Clinical trial protocol
  • Investigator’s brochure
  • Analysis and accumulation of scientific data
  • Writing for magazines
  • Article writing for journals

5) How does Taking Medical Writing Services Help You?

Medical writing services help in providing an accurate and precise writing experience. Medical writing services may be useful in the following manner:

Presentation of information: Expert medical writers are experienced enough to present the information professionally. Tables and graphs are perfectly formed and inserted to suit the overall feeling of the article.

Perfect language: Taking medical writing services helps in writing the medical article with perfect English usage. This includes grammatical accuracy, choice of words, and punctuation marks. Improper language is one of the reasons for the rejection of medical articles.

Following regulatory guidelines: Professional Regulatory writers have deep knowledge of the regulatory submission guidelines. They are aware of the types of documents and data required by the regulatory agency.

Accelerating publication in the journal: When the article for a medical journal is written by the professional medical writer, there are high chances of accepting the article in one-go. This will reduce the time of publication of the article. 

6) How to Select Medical Writing Companies?

Following are some of the factors which may assist you in searching for the best medical writing company:

  • Experience of the company along with the medical science background and experience of the medical writers.
  • List of clients who have taken the services of the company.
  • The sample article meets your quality standard.
  • Acceptance rate in various medical journals.
  • Turn-around time and timely delivery

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