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how to proofread your manuscript

How to Proofread your Medical Manuscript in 8 Simple Steps?

Yeah! You have completed writing your research manuscript. And now you want to hire a professional medical editor to remove all jargon, correct the mistakes, and make your manuscript ready for publication.

Writing a manuscript is tiring and cumbersome. You don’t wish to spend more energy and time on proofreading and editing your document, but it’s essential. So, you look at a medical editing services to help you do so.

But, wait! Do not get tempted to submit the first draft of your manuscript to the medical editor. Though it’s time-consuming, but proofread and edit your document as far as you can before submitting to the medical editor. This will prove cost-effective for you.

Here we enlist 8 simple steps to help you proofread and edit your document quickly and easily:

1.Take a break before you proofread

You have spent much time and energy to conduct your research and document the findings on the paper. So, take a break of few days to relax your mind. Take up medical proofreading after few days of writing the medical manuscript. This will help you view the manuscript from a fresh perspective.  You will point out and correct many errors which might get missed if you work with a tired mind.

2.Divide the task into small steps

Take up a section of your document each day to proofread and edit. Do not proofread the entire document in a single day. This will leave you tired.

3.Gather your tools

You need certain tools to proofread and edit your document wisely. It’s always advisable to work on the printout of your document which you save as a PDF file on your desktop. You may miss some errors on screen, which get traced on a paper.

Gather coloured pens, few pieces of paper, and a ruler before you sit down to proofread the document.

4.Read slowly and carefully

Read each piece of your text slowly and carefully. If you wish, you can read them aloud to yourself. Place a ruler under each sentence as you read and edit.

 5.Consider all the details

Do not just focus on the written part of your document. Also proofread the tables, diagrams, figures, and other illustrations used in the document. Do they support the written text? Are they in the right place? Do they have the right titles and captions?

6.Focus on small things

Be careful while you read each sentence. Focus on small things like punctuation marks and highlight them. Watch for errors in small words (a, an, the) that are easy to miss.

7.Encircle the corrections to be made

Use coloured pens to write and encircle the corrections to be made in the original document. This is to avoid any confusion between the original text and the corrections to be made.

8.Proofread more than once

Take two or three rounds to proofread your document. Many errors are missed in the first round and are picked up in the next round. In fact, separate what you look for in each round, like first look for spelling errors, then for typos, and then for another type of error.

Try these simple steps to proofread and edit your manuscript. Soon, you will become adept at this skill and can save your time in hiring a medical editing service.

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