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importance of toxicity testing

Importance of Toxicity Testing

Majority confound toxicity testing with the procedure of knowing the toxic effects of a drug on experimental animals and determine their safety for human use. No doubt, toxicity testing is of paramount importance to screen any new drug before it can be used safely in humans.

But, is the importance of toxicity testing only limited to the drug safety profile?

Absolutely NOT!

Let’s have a look at other important benefits of toxicity testing:

  • Establishment of a dose response curve that depicts the relationship between the effects of the drug and its varying dose.
  • Ensuring the safety of new chemicals as pesticides, drugs or food additives before they are marketed for use in the general population.
  • Characterize the toxic effects produced by a drug or explain the mechanism by which these toxic effects are produced, thus enabling to determine the target organs for toxicity
  • Produce epidemiological studies to explain a particular observation in the population
  • Validate new investigation methods especially in vitro tests rather than testing on whole animals

Having incomplete knowledge is risky, but having no knowledge at all can be hazardous. Thus, toxicology testing services fills that knowledge gap about the newly developed drugs and chemicals for their safe and beneficial use.

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