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Impact of Scientific Publications on Public Health

Impact of Scientific Publications on Public Health


The Healthcare system is dynamic. Every other day, a new diagnostic or treatment method emerges in the form of research. When the conclusion of the research is authentic and reproducible, healthcare professionals try to use it in their practice.

Scientific Publications

Scientific publications are the periodic publications, mostly in the form of journals, that provides information about the new research. They help in advancing scientific research by disseminating updated information. Healthcare publications significantly affect the way the healthcare system provides care to patients. The scientific publications are critically evaluated by peers to ascertain their accuracy and authenticity. They also help in accelerating the career of researchers. These are generally written by the researchers, professors, and students who are related to the research.

Impact of Publications on Health

Scientific publications have a significant impact on the overall healthcare system. They are the source for in-depth, comprehensive, and up-to-date information. The doctors and other healthcare professionals find scientific publications as a support to their healthcare practice. Scientific publications impact public health in the following ways:

Evidence-based medicine: Scientific publications are the source for evidence-based medicine system. Evidence-based medicine is a system of medicine that provides treatment through the best available evidence. The evidence for the diagnosis and treatment strategies are published in scientific journals. To make the best and effective use of the scientific publication in an evidence-based medicine system, the doctor should be fully aware of the methodology through which he may be able to track the high-quality evidence.

Building a support system: Scientific publication helps the medical and paramedical staff to build a support system. When they are stuck in some problem related to diagnosis or treatment for a certain disease, they look into scientific publications for information. Through the evidence published in high-quality scientific publications, public health can be better managed.

Providing knowledge from different geographical areas: Scientific researches is undergoing in all parts of the world. Scientific publications are the tool that allows scientific information to cross the geographical boundaries and are available to researchers and practitioners all over the world. Based on the knowledge obtained through research in one country, the researchers and practitioners may use them in their healthcare system by performing only limited trials.

Increases transparency: Scientific publications have given rise to evidence-based medicine. Evidence-based medicine is based on written records that significantly increases transparency in the healthcare system. The doctors and healthcare professionals are now more confident in designing the healthcare strategy for the diagnosis and treatment of a particular disease based on the evidence available in scientific publications.

Judging the possible complications: Scientific publications not only provides information about the new and innovative system of diagnosis and treatment but rather also impart important and updated information about the possible complications in the existing healthcare tools. Because of this information, the doctors and nursing staff either prevent or ready for managing the complications.

Helps in research grant: A scientific publication in a well-known journal enhances the authenticity of the researcher, improves their academic position, and escalates career. It also allows the other researchers to use scientific publications as a base for their research and initiates their research to move ahead from the base. This will help in obtaining the research grant.

To make new health policies: Scientific publication helps the policy makes to frame new healthcare policies. The conclusion of various researches has impacted the healthcare policy. The policies may be of different types, including service policies, practice policies, and governing policies. New policies are required in the dynamic healthcare system, and scientific publications provide important information to draft the new healthcare policies.

To amend the existing health policies: The existing policies are required to be amended from time to time. The amendment should be evidence-based, which is provided by scientific publications. For example, if many publications indicate that a drug is harmful or the method for treatment or diagnosis is harmful, then the policymakers may either make a complete ban on the same or restrict the use of the drug.

Cost-effectiveness: Scientific publications provide information about the allocation of healthcare resources. This will help in containing the cost of healthcare. Through scientific publications, the doctor and other healthcare professionals gain information about treating the disease most effectively. This results in cost-effective healthcare services.

Management of health information: Scientific publications have improved the overall health literacy among the general masses. Although self-medication and self-treatment should not be encouraged, the people are now more informed. This results in greater transparency and accountability in the overall healthcare system.


Scientific publication significantly affects public health. It gives rise to evidence-based medicine, making the system more transparent, and helps in drafting and implementing the healthcare policies.

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