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HPLC Analysis - Role in Herbal Testing Laboratory

HPLC Analysis – Role in Herbal Testing Laboratory

Herbal products are becoming popular amongst the masses. However, establishing standards of quality control for the raw materials and standardization of finished herbal product pose a big challenge.

Earlier traditional methods like foreign matter content, microscopic properties, and heavy metal analysis were used to detect any contaminants and assess the quality of the herbal products. But, in recent times many innovative techniques have been developed to test the quality of the herbal products. One of these techniques is HPLC (High- performance thin layer chromatography) analysis.

HPLC analysis is a form of a column chromatography where the sample mixture is dissolved in a solvent at high pressure to separate and identify each component in the mixture. Let’s see how this technique helps to check the herbal drugs/products.

  • It helps to identify the various components present in the herbal product
  • This analysis tells you about the concentration of each component in the herbal product
  • It assesses the purity of the herbal product
  • HPLC analysis in combination with Evaporative Light Scattering Detection method help in the analysis of non- chromophoric compounds

Thus, the versatility of this method for analysis of chemical compounds in herbal drugs makes it the most preferred method to assess the quality of the herbal drugs. This method must be inculcated in the protocol of all herbal testing laboratories to increase the efficacy of herbal treatments.

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