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How to Write References in the Medical Manuscript Quickly and Easily?

How to Write References in the Medical Manuscript Quickly and Easily?

Every scientific paper is built upon previous research. Authors refer to the previous studies to find their topic of research and also to write their own medical manuscript. You must give credit to this previous research through citations and references.

Depending upon your field of research, there could be more than 100 different papers, conference reports, and articles which you refer as resources. And before submitting your medical manuscript, you have to cross-check all references; cite them according to the desired format and organize them in a list.

That becomes a huge content to manage. Here is a checklist that will help you write your references quickly and easily:

  • Check your journal’s Guide for Authors for the exact content and format to write your citations and references.
  • While editing and proofreading your research paper, look at each citation closely. Are they all written in the same and desired format?
  • Cross-check if all the citations match with your references list and none is missed out.

Citations and references form an important part of your manuscript. Like any other content of the manuscript, they must be checked and edited as well. Do not let your references hold back your manuscript from publication!

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