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How to Write First Medical Manuscript

How to Write First Medical Manuscript

What is Medical Manuscript?

The manuscript is a written document created by a researcher or author. It is submitting to the editor of a journal for publishing. The different publishing house has different sets of guidelines. The author should fulfil those guidelines while writing a manuscript. The medical manuscript includes details about medical research done. There are various types of manuscript depending upon the area of medical research. Although the basic format for all manuscript types is almost the same, subtle differences in writing style is the key to differentiation. The original research manuscript is written when primary research is completed and the results are obtained. Review articles are written to analyze the direction of research in a specific area. Review article makes use of various primary research articles. In manuscript related to case studies, a new side effect or new drug effect witnessed by the doctor or healthcare provider is documented.

Why there is a Need to Publish Medical Manuscript?

Publication of a medical manuscript creates a win-win situation for both the author and the reader. Publication of medical research paper imparts authenticity to the research done by the author. There is an increase in the overall knowledge of the reader in the area of research. Following are some of the advantages of publishing manuscript:

Increase in current knowledge: Publication of medical manuscript helps in improving the current knowledge of healthcare providers. They may be able to make more informed decisions.

Change in medical practice: A breakthrough medical research may change the direction of medical practice in which research is related. Original research may also lead to alternative treatment regimens in some diseases.

Increase the credibility of the researcher: As the number of publications of a researcher increases, there is an increase in credibility and worthiness of the researcher. This may help in promotion or increase in salary.

Create networks: Publication of a research article helps in creating a network of people with related research interests.

Set the future course of research: Both original and primary research sets the way for future research. Determining future scope in a research paper is important for medical development.

What are the Tips for Writing First Medical Manuscript?

Writing a medical manuscript is not an easy task more so when it is the first manuscript of the researcher or author. Following are some tips that would help in writing the first medical manuscript:

Ready to write: Writing is not an easy task especially for the people who are completely involved in the research. Make up your mind for writing a manuscript. Start writing a small part of the manuscript daily and increase it with time.

Be clear about the research question: Identifying a hypothesis or a research question is an important task as the whole of the manuscript revolves around finding the answer to the research question. Give sufficient time for creating a research question.

Identify the target reader: The author should identify who are the target readers for his research paper. This will help in adjusting the tone and level of writing.

Logical sequence is the key: Write the medical manuscript through the logical sequence. For instance, in the result section, important results should be mentioned first followed by other results.

Make use of tables and figures: Make good use of tables and figures. These will help in the easy comprehension of the research paper.

Do not vaguely extrapolate the findings: Stick your discussion to the results obtained. Do not extrapolate the research finding without adequate data.

Follow the guidelines of the journal: Once the target journal for publication is selected, follow the guidelines of that journal. Failure in the following may result in the rejection of the manuscript.

Review your manuscript: Always review your manuscript after writing. You may also take help from your colleagues who have experience in writing a manuscript.

What are the Various Parts of Medical Manuscript?

Following are the various parts of the medical manuscript:

Title page: Title should be simple, free of jargon and do not create confusion. The title page also contains detailed information about the author, running head, disclaimer, and assistance provided during research.

Abstract: Abstract is an important part of a manuscript that provides important aspects of complete research. The abstract includes a background of study, methods, results, and conclusion.

Introduction: The introduction should analyze the need of the study, the hypothesis made, and the questions to be answered during the study. The sequence is important while writing an introduction as it helps the reader to connect with the research.

Materials and Methods: In this section, how research is carried out is discussed in detail. Study design and study protocol including the inclusion and exclusion criteria form the part of this section. Methods used for statistical analysis, confident interval and significance test are included in this section.

Result: Results can be shown in the form of tables and illustrations. The researcher should write about the important result first followed with other results. As a general rule, the information provided in the tables or illustrations should not be repeated in the text unless there is a need for highlighting a particular result.

Discussion: In this section, the results are discussed vis-a-vis the prior art studies. The drawbacks of the studies are discussed along with the limitations of the study. The discussion should be ended by a conclusion that is supported by adequate data.

References: Different journals require a different style of referencing. Follow the guidelines for referencing as per the target journal.

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