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write a good abstract for your medical manuscript

What Makes a Good Abstract for your Medical Manuscript?

When people search for their articles of interest in a journal, they click through to see their abstract. Now, an abstract may either grab or lose the reader’s attention. A good abstract maintains the reader’s interest while a bad one puts them off irrespective of the relevance of the research work.

So, what differentiates a good abstract from a bad one? Here are some notable differences that will help you to write a good abstract for your medical manuscript and gain attention from the readers.


Bad abstract: It is either too short or long. Too short an abstract will make it difficult for the readers to grasp the meaning of your work. And too long will lead to the rejection of your manuscript by the journal.

Good Abstract: Depending on the journal requirements, 150-200 words are optimal to brief the readers about your research work in an effective manner.


Bad Abstract: If your text has no clear and logical flow of information, but you jump from one point to another arbitrarily, it will confuse the readers.

Good Abstract: Before you begin to write the abstract of your manuscript, check the journal’s Guide for authors. It will help to format an appropriate structure for writing the abstract that the readers can understand.


Bad abstract: Background information to introduce the readers about your work is necessary. But, if you write too much about other’s work, it will put off the reader’s interest.

Good Abstract: The content of your abstract should reflect the key points and the main findings of your research. This will attract the readers to read further.


Bad Abstract: Badly written abstract has poor language that confuses the readers or makes it difficult to grasp the meaning of the used words.

Good Abstract: Clear, concise use of the language delivers the desired meaning of the information quickly to the readers and maintains their interest in the manuscript.


Bad Abstract: An abstract full of jargon, grammar, and punctuation errors makes it hard to read and puts off the reader.

Good Abstract: Well-written abstract free from all jargon, spelling, and grammar mistakes encourages the readers to know more about your research.


Bad Abstract: It has no or a weak concluding statement which fails to have the right impact upon the readers.

Good Abstract: A strong, clear, and concise conclusion presented at the end of the abstract helps the readers to understand your research in a nutshell.


Bad Abstract: If you don’t use any keyword or use them sparingly in your abstract, it will be difficult to find your manuscript in the searches.

Good Abstract: You should optimize your manuscript for search engines by using relevant keywords in the abstract. This makes it easy for the right audience to find your research work.


Always keep your target audience in mind while writing an abstract of your manuscript. Through our medical manuscript writing service provider you can write an abstract in a clear, simple, and concise language that gives a clear idea about your research and makes the readers ask for more.

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