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write a great title for your medical dissertation

How to Write a Great Title for your Medical Dissertation?

The title of your medical dissertation is the first opportunity to let the readers know what it is about and capture their attention to read further. In few words you highlight the purpose of your study in the dissertation title.

However, poor construction of the dissertation title will mislead the readers about your research study and confuse them from the very beginning. Thus, it’s necessary to pay attention to few details when writing your dissertation title.

But, before we highlight those details, let’s discuss what the readers expect from a dissertation title.

  • The title must be descriptive explaining the purpose of the research, underlining theory, research design, methods used, and variables examined etc.
  • It must convey the information in a precise and clear manner.
  • It must not contain inconsistent language, teasing or a cute style, abbreviations, and acronyms.

So, the person reading your dissertation title should be able to understand the core principles and focus of your research at a glance.

Here we enlist the components that help your medical dissertation to construct such a useful dissertation title:

1. The area of interest

Your area of interest is the broader theme or topic you address in the dissertation. It must be clear from the language you use in the dissertation title.

E.g. International Business Expansion: Innovative Strategies for Smaller Enterprises

The area of interest in this title is International expansion of business.

2. Focus of your research

As reflected in the above example of a dissertation title, the focus of the research study is ‘how new strategies can help small enterprises to achieve international expansion of their business’.

Thus, the focus of your research study is the particular angle you take in the broader area of interest. Stating this in your dissertation title will help the readers’ focus to narrow down on what you wish to tell them through your medical research paper.

3. The outcome of your research

If you include a reference to the outcomes of your research in the title, it gives your reader a better idea of what to expect. He won’t have to make any guesses till the end of the dissertation.

E.g. the dissertation title above can be changed to ‘Success Factors for International Business Expansion in Smaller Enterprises’. Here the word ‘Success Factors’ is the outcome of the research and clearly indicate that a reader will find the factors which help the small enterprises to successfully expand their business abroad.

4. Approach of your study

The approach you will adopt to conduct your study will have a major impact on your study design and its results. So, it’s better to include this in the dissertation title like whether it is a case study or a qualitative analysis or quantitative analysis.

5. Clarity and Format

Long and obscure titles can confuse the readers and make it difficult for them to grasp the purpose of your study. So, keep the dissertation title clear, precise, and to the point.

There is no hit formula for writing a great dissertation title, but keeping these details in mind while crafting yours can give you success.

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