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How to choose the topic for your medical thesis writing

How to Choose the Topic for Your Medical Thesis Writing?

Choosing the right topic for your medical thesis can be daunting and presents the biggest hurdle in your post-graduation. Though certain topics would be suggested by your supervisor based on his understanding, experience, and facilities available in the Department, you play an important role in choosing your own and composing your thesis thereafter.

The task will become easier if you are able to answer the following questions:

  • Is your chosen topic appropriate to the conditions of your workplace?
  • Does the topic appeals to your interest?
  • Can you speak about the topic with enthusiasm and insight?
  • Can you offer a fresh perspective on the topic different from what people already know about it?

Make a list of your prospective topics and narrow it down by asking yourself:

  • What do other professionals know about the topic?
  • What elements are most important in the topic?
  • Can you competently research and report the findings of your study within a given time period?

Writing answers to these questions on a sheet of paper will help you choose the right topic for your research, propel the research in the right direction, and finally help in your medical thesis writing on time.

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