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How does Journal Selection Service Strengthen your Publication Strategy

How does Journal Selection Service Strengthen your Publication Strategy?

You should select a right journal to publish your manuscript. Besides writing a high-quality paper, choosing the right journal must be a part of your publication strategy. You should choose your target journal after considering its scope, peer review process, and open access policy.

However, choosing the right journal is a tedious process. A researcher must keep pace with the various options available to him and make a smart choice. But, the hefty schedules of conducting his research may not leave ample time for this process.

Moreover, new journals which offer open access readership and cater to a large audience are rapidly increasing. And every researcher might not be aware of them.

That’s where a publication support services comes to his aid. Especially, the journal selection service which helps a researcher to make an informed decision about publishing his paper.

They offer a journal selection expert who goes through the research paper and recommends a list of 3-5 journals that fit the scope of the research, publication timelines, and open-access options. They present the journal recommendations in the form of a comprehensive and easy-to-read report that helps you to make an informed and right decision.

So, a journal selection service helps increase your chances of publication by revealing new and better choices of your target journal.

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