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Medical Thesis Writing

Guidelines for Presenting Your Results in Medical Thesis Writing

Correct reporting of your research results is crucial in medical thesis writing. You must avoid any falsification or fabrication of data in the “Results” section.

The most important thing to bear in mind is the objective of your research study. Any result that is out of sync with this objective must not be reported, however valuable it might be.

Pay attention to the following guidelines for presenting the results of your research study:

  • Use a mixture of text, tables, and figures.
  • Give the actual numbers of the results you plot.
  • Establish a clear comparison between the test groups.
  • Describe the unexpected and negative results as well.
  • Do not give results to a greater degree of accuracy than that of the measurement.
  • Avoid the use of percentage unless the groups have more than 100 subjects.
  • Mention the number of subjects used, the range of the results, the central tendency (mean and standard deviation) and the spread (confidence interval for the mean).
  • Do not repeat the data presented in tables and illustrations in a text format.
  • Do not over-use tables, graphs, and figures to present the data.

Following these guidelines will make sure that your medical thesis writing is to the point and provides a good reader experience.

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