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Difference between Medical Writing and Science Writing

Difference between Medical Writing and Science Writing

Though the terms confuse every one, but Medical and Science writing are entirely different from each other. While Science writing deals with writing about basic science, drugs and technological innovation for the common readers, medical writing is about developing clinical and scientific documents in a standard, comprehensive, reliable and convincing manner.

Here we enlist the differences between medical and science writing:

1) Medical writing demands special skills to produce well-structured documents with clear and concise information. Medical writers must have adequate knowledge of the therapeutic areas, the drug development process, pharmacology, drug safety, statistics, and regulatory guidelines.

On the other hand, science writing does not deal with such a highly specialized technical writing. It is aimed to inform the general public about the important scientific issues in an easy to understand language.

2) Medical writing is done by scientists or research specialists with an audience of scientists or researchers whereas science writing may not involve people with an academic degree in Science and Research.

3) Medical writing involves documents like clinical study reports, brochures, patient safety narratives, pharmacovigilance documents etc. The research articles published in a journal are an example of medical writing.

Science writing disperses scientific information via books, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs etc.

Thus, all medical writers are science writers but all science writers are not medical writers.

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